Underserved Business Month (UBM)

Empowering, Uplifting, Celebrating...

Welcome to Underserved Business Month (UBM), a pioneering initiative dedicated to amplifying the voices and empowering businesses that have historically faced barriers. More than just an event, UBM is a year-long commitment dedicated to fostering an inclusive ecosystem, amplifying voices, streamlining capital access, and providing unwavering support for underserved entrepreneurs:

Mission: To empower, uplift, and celebrate underserved businesses, who are our unsung champions, the heartbeat of our economic prosperity. 

Vision: An inclusive business ecosystem that ushers generational wealth to all, regardless of zip code.

  • Unlocking resources, easy capital access
  • Buy local campaigns
  • Empowering business programs
  • Business Exit Strategy (BES) - reduce small business failure
  • Celebrating underserved businesses 


  • Business Mentorship
  • Mentor Protege Program
  • Business Exit Strategy
    • Merger and Acquisition Support
    • Employee Buyout (EBO)
    • Career Fair
  • Accelerator Program
  • Capital Access Training
  • Digital Drive: A 1,000 Laptops for progress
  • Finding Equities for Underserved Businesses